Welcome to the future submerged jungle paradise of Londonistan. This is the introduction to what has become at least part time my life's work since 2003, propelled as I was into action by the invasion of Iraq. I know it is a controversial subject matter so do hear me out before jumping to any conclusions.  The rest is in the workings to be released as a full colour Graphic Novel.  If you are a bit of a hot head, Islamist, right wing or left do ask about in jail, in London protest groups or Speakers Corner. Your friends will know me. I have been filming and talking to all of you for a very long time now and fully intend to continue if we are ever let out. Seeking the extremes I have more often than not met genuine people who frustrate me cos of how opposed they believe they are and how much they are all blind to what unites us, and blind to who the opposition to planetary prosperity actually is. I have also noticed this blindness curiously lifting somewhat on all sides during four years of Trump and the shock of Covid.

This comic is simply my artistic reaction to what I filmed and blogged about 2003-9ish which I hope may provoke debate. It is fiction my frustration with documentary failure morphed into.  I feel like the War on Terror narrative has almost been eclipsed by Covid and Lockdown. It dawned on me as Covid hit last March that maybe I have missed my window. I have mental health issues and am distracted on multiple projects often for years.  I am not really bothered anymore I just want people to read the thing. I would like to think Covid is a time to reassess and discuss. This is maybe an opportunity for everyone to debate and see if we have misunderstandings about each other.  As I said my belief from filming Islamists, National Front EDL Lockdown protests etc is that we have a lot more in common than that which divides us and the time is now to unite worldwide across race politics and religion against the Swamp and take it from them. Cos there is a lot more of us than them.

Enjoy- Londonistan

DaveBones Feb2021